Cheshire Hike

Cheshire Hike 2019

This site is for the operation of the Cheshire Hike which is an event organised by Cheshire Scout Council for the exercise and assessment of hiking skills. Participation is open to all Scout Groups in Cheshire Scout County, Cheshire Border Guides, Cheshire Forest Guides, and other Scout Groups by invitation. The date of the hike this year is 13 Apr 2019 to 14 Apr 2019.

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Message from the organising committee:

The Booking page Group Drop Down will only show your group after it has been registered. If your group is neither in the Booking list, nor the Registration Drop Down, please contact the organisers.

It has been decided that this year (2019) we will return to the 1:50000 scale. It is important to practice with maps of this scale.

It has been decided for to permit all sections to carry a mobile phone. There is a penalty for using a phone to contact anyone else other than hike control.

The forum for you to place your views and questions about the hike is still available, please use the link in the menu at the top of the page to access this.

Welcome to the 2019 Cheshire Hike, please take note of the dates for your diary below.

Dates for your diary

14 Mar 2019 - Online team details registration opens.

31 Mar 2019 - Online bookings close.

31 Mar 2019 - Online team details registration closes.

13 Apr 2019 to 14 Apr 2019 - Cheshire Hike

Leaders can book places for their teams using the Bookings page. Online Booking requires the leader to register and supply an email address, and contact details. Places are booked using a Cart, and immediate payment is reqired either by debit or credit card, or PayPal.

Those wishing to pay by cash or cheque will need to apply by printing out the Offline Booking Form, and returning it to the booking secretary. Please only book online, or by post. Doing both could result in you being charged twice, or your booking being missed.

Teams can use the site to pre register for the hike by following the video here.

GDPR Notice All personal data taken on this site is exclusively for the operation of the Cheshire Hike. After the completion of the hike all personal information will be removed, with the exception of the team names and associated notes that may possibly be needed in the event of a result query.

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